BULK-FLOW’s belt thrower also known as container loader or bulk thrower, help reduce the truck’s waiting times during loading operations of bulk materials into ISO containers!

The Container Loader is designed to satisfy the combined needs of the logistics and manufacturing sectors.

With a capacity of almost 200 tons per hour, the Container Loader succeeds in loading. For example, it loads 26 tons of sugar in only 8 minutes! It has demonstrated an extraordinary efficiency benefit and significant cost savings.

Some examples of materials that can be handled by the bulk thrower: plastic or wood pellets, sugar, coffee or cocoa beans, rice, salt, corn, soya beans, wheat, seeds, and animal feed.

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BULK-FLOW’s Telescopic Multi-stage Belt Conveyor Container Loader, can load 20’ and 40’ containers at volumes of up to 60MT/hr.

It can be mounted as a moveable unit on flat bed chassis, or fixed on a loading deck.

It loads the 20’/40’ container without the need for the receiving truck to move forward without loading. This has benefit of allowing the truck to be weighed on the scale while loading.

The Telescopic Belt Conveyor is fully motorized and controlled from a remote by the operator, to extend/retract the boom, lift/lower the boom, and swivel to the right/left.

The boom has a low profile allowing to load the container through a small opening, and that combined with its full range of movement, allows it to maximize payload into the container.

It can handle multiple bulk commodities such as cereals, grains, minerals, animal feed, chemicals, etc.

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XK18 Compressor with 75 CV ( at 1500 RPMs) Electric Motor with all necessary accessories included.

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VSFC 320 Rotary Valve for granulated and powder bulk solids 29 Ltr/rev. filing coefficient of 70 with electric remote control on pallet jack.

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Mobile Discharge Units are tilting chassis semi-trailers that can tilt a marine shipping container.

Mobile Discharge Units deliver the container to the site, and tilt it to discharge the bulk content by gravity. On site, other existing mobile or stationary equipment receives and conveys such bulk contents to the silo through means typically consisting of a Rotary Valve + Blower. A cooler is a good add-on to preserve the integrity of the product.

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Pneumatic Bulk Container Loaders are ideal to be installed under silos with low clearance, allowing to do a 90 degree transfer of the commodity from the silo into the shipping container. Dilute phase pneumatic types load with high velocity and low pressure in 45 to 90 mins. Dense phase pneumatic types load with low velocity and high pressure in 5 to 10 mins.

Granules, pellets or powders are suitable to be loaded with these pneumatic systems, but certain considerations apply.

The complete system consists of an air compressor, an air dryer, a blower package, the commodity conveying lance, a rotary valve feeder, and a dust collection system for powder type commodities.

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Self-Discharging Units (SDUs) are tilting chassis semi-trailers that can autonomously tilt and discharge the bulk contents of a 20′, 30′ or 40′ container into the recipient’s silo.

It enables intermodal shipping of bulk commodities into regular containers instead of using costly dedicated bulk trucks that have an empty back-haul.

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Portable Screw Conveyors are ideal for loading grains or other similar free flowing commodities into 20’ or 40’ marine containers. They are a low cost investment, and provide very quickly to a shipper the ability to start loading in bulk into containers.

They are also available in stationary configuration, permanently affixed to a silo.

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BULK-FLOW provides highly advanced stationary tilting platforms to load or unload containers by tilting them on a dedicated stationary platform, in the safest possible way.

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A tilting tractor truck consists of a regular truck tractor that has been retrofitted on its back end with a hydraulic tilting system to lift any truck trailer (20′, 40′, 53′, etc.) attached to the truck tractor.

Basically, it turns any existing tractor truck into a tilting tractor.

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