Why choose the BULK-FLOW packaging?

We have vast experience in this field and we have specialized in solid bulk products that present difficulty with their fluidity. Our business ethic is based in a confidentiality policy with our clients, providers, and partners.

What sets BULK-FLOW apart?

BULK-FLOW is the company that truly understands that commodities are about the most efficient supply chain, and therefore it is totally focused on providing customers with better supply chain solutions through our innovative bulk packaging and equipment.

Other bulk packaging companies only provide that: bulk packaging and/or equipment. BULK-FLOW provides comprehensive consulting to customers with the approach of what bulk packaging solution will optimize their supply chain for a particular commodity.

Working with BULK-FLOW the customer experiences the level of technical consultancy from an independent consultant, but without the retainer’s cost.

BULK-FLOW is totally focused on providing solutions to the customers’ supply chain shipping packaged bulk commodities.

What’s BULK-FLOW’s production capacity?

We have a high production capacity due to the various plants located in the United States, Spain and China. This presence in different continents guarantees a fast product delivery and minimizes shipping costs. Our plants operate under ISO 9000 and 9001 quality controls and with minimal environmental impact.

With which systems does BULK-FLOW work?

We design custom-sized bags for any loading or unloading system: mechanical transporter, fluidity by gravity, dense, semi-dense, or pneumatic phase to dilute, etc. Our liners also work in different modes of transportation: containers, cargo trucks, railroad wagons, etc.

Additionally, we provide solutions and design equipment to load and unload containers.

What’s included in BULK-FLOW’s assessment and training services?

BULK-FLOW offers analysis and assessment services at no cost to current and potential clients to determine which products are the best suited for their needs. We will be present at loading and unloading time to ensure that our processes are applied correctly. We will also train the necessary personnel to guarantee optimized and secure loading, transportation and unloading.

What are BULK-FLOW’s container transport bags or liners?

The BULK-FLOW bags are packaging designed to transport bulk loads inside containers. They are made up of one single bag with a size equivalent to the container’s internal volume.

What are the benefits of transporting solid products in bulk in the BULK-FLOW liners?

The BULK-FLOW bags are the most cost-effective in regards to transportation logistics for solid bulk products.

We offer assessment and technical support worldwide to implement the logistics transportation of solid products in container bags.

We also provide innovative patented designs that decrease packaging costs such as the “BAR-LESS” container bag, without steel bars, that maximizes load capacity.

What are BULK-FLOW’s FIBC’s for transport?

BULK-FLOW’s FIBC’s are designed to transport semi-bulk loads. They are square bags that allow for vertical storage due to their stability.

Why BULK-FLOW’s FIBC’s are absolutely different?

No other FIBC’s in the market compares to BULK-FLOW’s. It is not a re-design, it is not an optimization, it is just not what any other super-sack manufacturer offers. Due to its special fabric, BULK-FLOW’s FIBC’s have achieved high dimensional stability (minimal bulging), more load strength, and imperviousness to the long term exposure of UV rays.

BULK-FLOW’s FIBC’s are the ultimate ideal flexible packaging: It has lower cost, it bulges minimally, and it can be truly used for long term outside storage

Where is BULK-FLOW located?

BULK-FLOW’s headquarters are located in Houston, TX in the United States. We also have offices and plants in Spain and China. Furthermore, we have a sales team located around the globe. Visit our Contact page to reach the nearest office.