Standard Woven Liner

There is nothing standard about BULK FLOW’s woven HDPE liners. Our liners are designed like no other on the market — offering superior safety, performance, contamination resistance, and product protection.

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PRODUCT PROTECTION – BULK-FLOW’s woven HDPE liners have the thickest internal and external lamination of any liner in the industry that provides an impermeable barrier against humidity. BULK-FLOW liners also feature a circular seamless construction which eliminates the permeable seams found in many other types of woven liners.

CONTAMINATION-FREE – Because our woven HDPE liners are seamless, shippers don’t have to worry about loose threads from seams contaminating their product. Likewise, our liners’ thicker-than-average lamination layer ensures strong bonding and eliminates the risk of delamination, which could also lead to product contamination.

SAFETY AND STRENGTH – Our packaging engineers designed the standard woven HDPE liner with safety in mind. Our liners’ fabric is composed of high-quality virgin resins and our disciplined quality-control procedures ensure that all liners are designed well, safe and secure.

GUARANTEED ACCESS TO DISCHARGE PORT – A blocked discharge port can be disastrous for the shipment’s receiver. Our woven HDPE liner features a steel bar designed to hold the bulkhead in place and ensure that the discharge port is always accessible to receivers.

EASY INSTALLATION – BULK-FLOW’s optimized set-up design and high-quality components make for a simple, foolproof liner installation process.

  • Thick lamination
  • Circular, seam-free construction
  • Contamination prevention
  • Disciplined quality control
  • Guaranteed access to discharge port
  • Easy installation


Standard, Belted barless (patented), Fluidizing (patented), Barless (patented), Single-bar (patented), Custom
20', 30', 40', 40' HC, 53', Custom
Dry flowable bulk solid or packaged solid, Packaged finished products
HDPE woven, Composite
Agriculture, Chemicals, Minerals

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