Tiltless Unloading Hopper

New, game-changing system helps you minimize the handling, transport, and storage of hard-to-flow bulk solids.

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BULK FLOW’s Tiltless Unloader Hopper simplifies unloading protocols, as powder materials are unloaded and transferred directly from the container into the importers’ silos or directly to the production line. 

As no tilting is required to unload powder materials in bulk, low-density materials can be loaded in 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft, or 53ft containers without needing specialized tilting trucks at the destination (which are not always available). 

Low-density and high-density hard-to-flow products transported door-to-door through ISO standard container shipping lines is now possible at a lower cost. Control your stock and access your bulk needs at any moment 


You can now control and quantify the unloading speed using BULK FLOW’s Tiltless Unloader Hopper, which offers:

  • A mechanical, horizontal, bulk unloading system.
  • Safe unloading protocols for bulk solids.
  • Electronically controlled unloading protocol.
  • The capacity to avoid difficult and dangerous gravity-tilting unloading protocols.
  • Efficiency with high-volume transport products (i.e., cement).
  • Safe, horizontal, mechanical unloading processes.
  • The ability of dosifying bulk unloading at the press of a button.
  • No need for expensive facilities.
  • Easy handling protocol for very cohesive bulk solids.

BULK FLOW has designed the system with the following key objectives in mind: 

  1. ISO containers can be used to transport any bulk solid; therefore, any final destination can be reached at a competitive rate without transloading charges.
  2. No container tilting equipment unloading system is required.
  3. The mechanically, horizontal, bulk unloading system permits standard unloading of any 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft, or 53ft containers in a professional and safe manner.
  4. The process is mechanical; therefore, output based on time and/or quantity can be measured and controlled to match destination requirements.
  5. The Tiltless Unloader Hopper offers important savings in packaging, handling, and manpower costs compared to using super-sacks, 25kg bags, octa bins, or pallets. 

A huge number of bulk solids — such as cement, zeolite, calcium carbonate, aluminum oxide, and starch — are extremely difficult to handle, thus their handling and transport processes have not evolved or are subject to extremely expensive port and factory facility investments. 

BULK FLOW has closed the gap in handling low-density and high-density hard-to-flow bulk products. Bulk products can now be handled at the loading location and at the final destination. 

Types of bulk solids, difficulties, and solutions.

Low-density products that must be loaded in 40ft containers to optimize payloads: diatomaceous earth, fly ash, silica, wheat flour, cereal, perlite, and many others.

Hard-to-flow high-density products: cement, calcium carbonate, aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, and zeolite, milk powder, and many more.

This solution enables exporters, importers, distributors, and manufacturers of granular and powder raw materials to improve their supply chain processes with regards to environmental impact by switching to intramodal bulk containerized shipments that offer a true silo-to-silo delivery system for shipments in 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft, and 53ft standard sea containers.

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