Tilting Tractor Truck

Tilting Tractor Truck: Turns any existing tractor truck into a tilting tractor.

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The Tilting Tractor Truck consists of a regular truck tractor which has been retrofitted on its back end with a hydraulic tilting system to lift any truck trailer or container chassis (20ft, 40ft, 53ft, etc.). The hydraulic system includes a built-in oil tank, pump, filters, oil lines, and a fifth wheel. 

The tilting tractor truck can be fitted with a single hydraulic lifting cylinder (20mt lifting capacity) or twin hydraulic cylinders (40mt lifting capacity).  

4-stage hydraulic lifting cylinders powered by the truck’s engine.  

Double-function use: The tilting tractor truck can be used in regular mode to haul containers from and to the port and then can be used to tilt the container at its destination.  

Single-function use: The tilting tractor truck can be left stationary at the destination plant and its use can be limited to containers that are being delivered from the ports by regular, non-tilting trucks. As this means the tractor does not leave the premises of the unloading facility, an older, more cost-efficient tractor can be refitted for this purpose.

Possibility of refitting a tractor to a new function inside an unloading facility 

Cost-efficient hydraulic tilting system 

Low maintenance

Operable in uneven terrain

Heavy-duty, all-steel construction 

Compact design tucks away on the back of the tractor truck when not in use 

Adds approximately 1,800 kg to the tractor truck

Only available in NAFTA countries 

Designed for container bulk unloading via tilting 

Applicable for different container sizes 

Can be applied to dumping trailers in different types of unloading areas 

Permits bulk transport and therefore reduces packaging waste 

Repurpose tractors for a new, flexible function

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