Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Can load 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, and 45ft containers at volumes of up to 60mt/hr. Optimal for those materials that need special handling to avoid particle degradation.

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The Telescopic Multi-Stage Belt Conveyor Container Loader can load 20ft and 40ft containers at volumes of up to 60mt/hr without having to move the container while loading. 

Dimensions: closed length, 6,900mm; overall length, 17,900mm; true belt width, 800mm 

  • Belt type: troughing, smooth top 2-ply PVC 
  • Belt speed: 60m/min 
  • Belt drive: ABB 2.2kW motor with shaft-mounted worm reduction gearbox 
  • Telescopic drive: ABB 1.1kW motor with shaft-mounted worm reduction gear 
  • Belt direction: single-direction (loading only) drive, unit position external 
  • Control Panel: Eldon Steel Enclosure IP65 
  • Switchgear: Telemecanique K series with CAT3 safety circuit relay 
  • Controls: push-button controls fitted to the front of the control panel 
  • Power supply: 400V-3Ph-50Hz 
  • Control voltage: 24V AC 

This solution is applicable for 20ft and 40ft containers at volumes of up to 60mt/hr. 

Loads 20ft and 40ft containers without the need for the receiving truck to move forward, offering the additional benefit of allowing the truck to be weighed on a scale while loading.  

The Telescopic Belt Conveyor is fully motorized and remote-controlled by an operator who can extend/retract the boom, lift/lower the boom, and swivel to the right/left.

The boom has a low profile, allowing it to load the container through a small opening. Combined with its full range of movement, this allows the boom to maximize payload into the container.  

The solution can be mounted as a moveable unit on flatbed chassis or fixed on a loading deck.  

It inherently includes safe loading protocols, as the truck does not have to move during the loading process. 

The Telescopic Belt Conveyor can handle multiple bulk commodities such as cereals, grains, minerals, animal feed, chemicals, etc. 

A mechanical loading process which is ideal for clean loading protocols.

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