Short Description

BULK-FLOW provides highly advanced stationary tilting platforms to load or unload containers by tilting them on a dedicated stationary platform, in the safest possible way.


  •  Drive-through tilting platform that picks up the container off of the truck’s semi-trailer chassis frees the truck, hence it picks up an empty container while the tilting platform keeps unloading full containers.
  • The tilting platform can be used for loading or unloading containers.
  • Remotely controlled-operated for maximum safety.
  • Up to 90° degree loader and unloader.
  • Flexible frame design enables the widest range of trailer styles.
  • 15kW high-efficiency electric power pack for hydraulic operation.
  • Hydraulic container door-opener/closer.
  • Access ladder and platform.
  • Digital scale system with display to enable the container to be weighed during loading.
  • The tilting platform can be easily relocated within the plant or to another plant. Foundation installation is not required.


Detailed Description

BULK-FLOW’s stationary tilting platforms enable extremely fast unloading of 20′ and 40′ shipping containers for a range of bulk materials. This unique system increases productivity for the end-user’s operation while improving safety.

These platforms are capable of removing the container from the semi-trailer container chassis without the use of an expensive container stacker.

The procedure works as follow: The truck with the semitrailer container chassis drives into the platform where its system engages the container leaving the truck free to drive away from the loaded container and available to pick up one of the previously unloaded containers.



  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • 20'
  • 40'
    • 20'
    • 40'
    Unloading by Tilting
    • Yes
    Ideal for Shipping
    • Any bulk commodity
        Food Grade
        • No