Single Bar Liner®

Optimal for bulk solid raw materials that are not sensitive to humidity.

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PRODUCT PROTECTION – BULK-FLOW’S single-bar woven HDPE liners have the thickest internal and external lamination of any liner in the industry, thus providing an impermeable barrier against humidity. BULK-FLOW liners also feature a circular seamless construction that eliminates the permeable seams found in many other types of woven liners.

CONTAMINATION-FREE – Because our single-bar woven liners are seamless, shippers don’t worry about loose threads from seams contaminating their product. Likewise, our liners’ thicker-than-average lamination layer ensures strong bonding and eliminates the risk of delamination, which could also lead to product contamination.

SAFETY AND STRENGTH – Our packaging engineers designed the single-bar woven HDPE liner with safety in mind. Our liners’ fabric is composed of high-quality virgin resins, and our disciplined quality control procedures ensure that all liners are well-designed, safe and secure.

SELF-RESTRAINING – The Single Bar Container Liner’s built-in self-restraining system successfully braces the load while nearly eliminating the need for the dangerous and costly steel bars typically included in the design of traditional container liners. These bars are constantly under pressure and can sometimes become dislodged when the container is tilted, which can lead to injury or death. With BULK-FLOW’s patented built-in self-restraining system, you don’t have to worry about these risks. This system has been tested extensively for safety and is capable of withstanding the pressure of up to 41 metric tons of cargo with only one bar in place.

FAIL-SAFE/REDUNDANT SAFETY CAPABILITIES – BULK-FLOW’s single-bar woven liner is the only one on the market with a built-in fail-safe safety system. The liner has sufficient clearance at the door of the container to allow for the addition of optional steel bars for extra safety. The extraordinary strength of the liner’s self-restraining system will protect the steel bars from pressure even when the container is tilted. However, should the self-restraining system fail, the extra steel bars will be in place to prevent an accident.

COST SAVINGS – BULK-FLOW’s single-bar woven liner provides significant cost savings by greatly reducing the need for expensive steel bars to brace the container’s load. In most cases, our single-bar woven liner will eliminate the need for up to four steel bars. However, in high-density product applications, it can eliminate the need for sourcing, handling and purchasing up to eight steel bars.

FULL CARGO CAPACITY – Other manufacturers’ reduced bar liners are often smaller or shorter in order to reduce bulging. However, BULK-FLOW’s single-bar liner is not reduced in size, thus allowing shippers to utilize the container’s full capacity.

GUARANTEED ACCESS TO DISCHARGE PORT – A blocked discharge port can be disastrous for the shipment’s receiver. Our single-bar woven liner’s only required steel bar is not used to restrain the product, but rather to hold the bulkhead in place. This ensures that the discharge port is always accessible to receivers.

  • Thick lamination
  • Circular, seamless construction
  • Contamination prevention
  • Disciplined quality control
  • Built-in redundancy safety system
  • Reduces costs by using only one steel bar
  • Same load capacity as a standard liner
  • Guaranteed access to discharge port


20', 40', 40' HC, 53', Custom
Dry flowable bulk solid or packaged solid
HDPE film
Agriculture, Chemicals, Minerals

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