Short Description

Portable Screw Conveyors are ideal for loading grains or other similar free flowing commodities into 20’ or 40’ marine containers. They are a low cost investment, and provide very quickly to a shipper the ability to start loading in bulk into containers.

They are also available in stationary configuration, permanently affixed to a silo.


  • Portable or stationary type.
  • Available in Single or Twin screw conveyors configurations.
  • For 20’ or 40’ containers.
  • Variety of inlet hopper configurations: Auger fill, Loader fill or Belt Fill.
  • Variety of loading capacities available ranging from 15 mins to 25 mins loading time.
  • Conveyor support structure allows vertical and horizontal adjusting movement.
  • Fully enclosed screw conveyor in a tube minimizes dust.
  • Low cost bulk container loading alternative.
  • Portability enables container bulk loading in very short time for any shipper.
  • Dust abatement system available.
  • High throughput with Twin-Screw conveyor configuration.


Detailed Description

Portable Screw Conveyors provide a quick and low cost means of loading grains or other similar commodities into 20′ or 40′ marine containers.

The screw conveyors can also be affixed permanently to the discharge spout of a silo for a permanent set up.

When portable they can be placed under the silo as well, or fed by other means through a hopper.

Their throughput varies depending on the single or twin screw conveyor, but they typically load a full container load in 15 – 25 mins. Typical diameters range from 12-16”.

The best design fully encloses the screw conveyor into a pipe in order to minimize dust during loading, and avoid ripping the inner Bulk Container Liner

Additionally, a suction system consisting of negative pressure inlets along the screw pipe, can be mounted to collect the dust generated during the loading. The dust is collected at an external bag or filter house.

Twin screw conveyors are better than Single Screw Conveyors at load distribution inside of the container, for commodities with lower flowability properties.

Single Screw Conveyors offer a more compact and portable set up.

The supporting structure of the conveyor allows the vertical and horizontal adjustment.


  • Single / twin screw conveyor
  • 12' - 16'
  • Carbon steel / Stainless steel
  • 20' / 40' Marine containers
Unloading by Tilting
  • Not applicable
Ideal for Shipping
  • Grains and any similar free flowing commodity
    • Not applicable
    Food Grade
    • No