Screw Conveyor Loader

A revolutionary, dust-free bulk solid loader that optimizes the loading process in 20ft, 30ft, and 40ft containers for powder type materials.

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In order to maximize the payload of powder-type raw materials in bulk, suitable equipment is needed to avoid dust and particle degradation and to minimize the air/particle ratio. 

The Screw Conveyor Loader has been developed with a three-open screw system that loads bulk solids, maximizing the container’s loading area evenly. 

Maximize payload 

The Screw Conveyor Loader pushes bulk solids throughout the container with a three-open screw system (forward, right, and left). The loading of the bulk solids continues until the load meets the back wall of the container, optimizing the area inside the container.


The three-screw loader offers a loading capacity of 120 tons per hour, or 2 tons per minute. Fast-loading protocols make loading facilities competitive and functional.


Thousands of containers must be loaded every year; therefore the loading equipment must not only optimize payloads and produce fast loading protocols, it must also be extremely reliable, very low-maintenance, and dust-free.

BULK FLOW has designed the Screw Conveyor Loader to be heavy duty and low-maintenance.

Dust free 

Dust in factories and warehouses is not tolerated in modern protocols, which is why BULK FLOW designed the three-screw system to be fast, reliable, efficient, and dust-free. 

No particle degradation 

The open-screw system pushes the product forward with minimum friction to the particle. 

Highly moveable 

The loader is affixed by means of a forklift to the container on the truck chassis and lined up under the silo. 

BULK FLOW has designed the loader with the following key objectives in mind: 

  1. Maximize payload. Increases payload from 1mt to 2mt, depending on the type of commodity. 
  2. The equipment is designed with a pneumatic seal that allows for a dust-free loading operation. 
  3. System does not add more air to the particle and thus generates little or no dust collection during loading. The system also has its own dust collector system. 
  4. Reliable, heavy-duty equipment. 
  5. No particle size degradation. 
  6. Highly movable, as it is fixed to the container and then positioned to any silo, provided there is enough ground clearance (the same as needed for a silo truck). 
  7. High-speed loading, with a loading capacity set at 120 mt/hr. Typically loads about 30mt in 15 minutes, depending on product density. 
  8. The least power consumption of all loading equipment options. 
  9. Neither the equipment or truck has to move during loading.

Environmental, agricultural, food, recycling, mining, chemical industries, and pharmaceutical powder applications, as well as non-powder raw materials.

ATEX and non-ATEX versions

Advantages of the Screw Conveyor Loader with different types of raw materials 

  1. Medium-density polymers
  • Need to be loaded in 20ft containers to be competitive.
  • Optimizing 20ft containers’ interior space (33 cubic meters) when loading is of prime importance. 
  • Factories that produce polymers need fast-loading bulk protocols. 
  1. Medium-density powder products 
  • To be competitive, medium-density powder products must be loaded in 20ft containers.
    • Loading medium-density powder products can pose challenges due to aerification, which decreases the relative density of powder products.
    • Dust is a huge challenge in industrial and logistic facilities, and dedusting machinery is very expensive.
    • Powder products are usually high-volume bulk solids that must be loaded quickly and efficiently and without producing dust. 
  1. High-density powder products 
  • High-volume commodities that need to be loaded quickly and efficiently.
  • The loading process must not produce any dust.
  • Requires reliable loading machines that work round-the-clock with minimum maintenance. 

The solutions developed by BULK FLOW enable exporters, importers, distributors, and manufacturers of granular and powder raw materials to improve their supply chain processes with regards to environmental impact by switching to intramodal bulk containerized shipments that offer a true silo-to-silo delivery system for each individual shipment in 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft, and 53ft standard sea containers.

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