Rail Wagon Liner

BULK FLOW’s Rail Wagon Liners transform any rail wagon car into a clean and weatherproof cargo space to allow the transportation of finished products at a lower freight cost. BULK FLOW’s unique Rail Wagon Liners install easily and securely inside rail wagons of any size.

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BULK-FLOW’s Rail Wagon Liners offer a logistics alternative in the freight transportation, to move finished cargo over the rail road, instead of the more expensive over-the-road transportation.

BULK-FLOW’s Rail Wagon Liners also create an environment weather-resistant to enable the use of rail wagons as a safe, clean, and dry environment for finished cargo.

BULK-FLOW’s Rail Wagon Liners contour the interior of the rail wagon perfectly attaching to its walls and ceiling through its built-in hooks and ties.

BULK-FLOW’s Rail Wagon Liners tough material is capable to withstand the in-and-out traffic of the forklifts loading and unloading the palletized finished cargo.

Materials & Construction:

BULK-FLOW Rail Wagon Liners can be made in a multilayer woven HDPE/PET felt material, ranging from 150 gsm to 200 gsm, depending on the application.

Elastic cords and metal carabine hooks are part of the liner for fast and secure installation.


REDUCED TRANSPORTATION COSTSBULK-FLOW’s Rail Wagon Liners allow you to move finished products over great distances on the railroad instead of expensive over-the-road transportation.

PRODUCT PROTECTION – BULK-FLOW’s Rail Wagon Liners provide clean, weather resistant protection for finished products, palletized or boxed.

EASY INSTALLATION AND FORKLIFT RESISTANT – BULK-FLOW’s Rail Wagon Liners install quickly and easily into rail wagons. BULK-FLOW’s rail wagon liners are heavy-duty enough to withstand the movement from the forklifts.

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HDPE film, HDPE woven, ALUPET, Composite
Agriculture, Chemicals, Minerals
Standard, High

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