Dense Phase Pneumatic Loader

Pneumatic Bulk Container Loaders: Ideal for fragile powders or granulated materials.

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Dense phase conveying of materials in the pipeline with high pressure and low flow rate. The system consists of pressurized air supply (compressor), a pressurized tank, loading equipment, pressurized air, injection valves, a pipeline, and a jet filter. The material is filled into a pressurized tank while level switches on the tank continuously control the level of the material in the tank and send a signal to the main control panel to open/close the loading valve. The pressurized air from the compressor compresses the material in the tank. When the desired air pressure is reached, the injection valve is opened. The material in the pipeline is transferred to the container through the force of the pressurized air. The jet filter above the silo is used to separate the air from the material and exhaust the air from the silo.

Can load containers of all sizes with high pressure and a significant quantity of material in just 5 to 10 minutes 

Able to make a 90-degree transfer of a product from a low-clearance silo into the back of a marine or intermodal container 

Low-velocity loading protects container liners from ruptures due to high-velocity impacts from materials 

Clean, air-tight loading optimal for food-grade goods 

Small, compact system  

Ideal fit for fragile pellets, granules, and powders due to low velocity transfer rates.

High-capacity conveying applications

Long-distance conveying applications 

Transfer systems for abrasive materials

Bulk solids with segregation problems

Clean loading system 

System designed to be dust-free

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