PALLETLESS Cubic Bulk Bags

BULK FLOW has developed two types of simple but very effective PALLET-LESS Bulk Bags: top-handling PALLET-LESS Baffle Bags and bottom-handling PALLET-LESS Baffle Bags.

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1. BULK-FLOW’s top-handling PALLET-LESS baffle bag

BULK-FLOW’s top-handling PALLET-LESS Baffle Bag is not an ordinary bulk bags with added fork lifting sleeves. BULK-FLOW’s PALLET-LESS baffle-bag is purposely built for the stresses of handling a loaded bulk bags from the top. It features a construction design with high strength fabric and u-panel construction.

  • High-Strength Fabric: Since the PALLET-LESS baffle bag is handled by lifting its entire weight every time. Dense weaving and other fabric techniques are applied to make a fabric that is up to 28% stronger than regular PP woven fabric.
  • U-Panel Construction: In addition to the high-strength fabric, the PALLETLESS baffle bag is constructed with a u-shape panel design to minimize the stress of the seams at the bottom of the bulk bags, where the maximum weight of the load is exerted.

NOTE: Retrofit of the forks in the forklift will be necessary when intending to load them into a shipping container, as to allow the forks to go up within the clearance inside of the shipping container.


2. BULK-FLOW’s bottom-handling PALLET-LESS baffle bag

BULK-FLOW’s bottom-handling PALLET-LESS baffle bag has a proprietary design that maintains a void shape in the bottom edges of the bulk bags after it has been filled.

The forklift voids in the bulk bags are reinforced by belts on the inner side and top side of the channel void to protect the bag from the forks.

An internal structure of cross belts maintains these forklift channels erected to allow the forks to always go in.

NOTE: This type of PALLET-LESS baffle bag is not suitable for applications requiring an inner liner.

BULK-FLOW’s PALLET-LESS baffle bag can be customized to all common designs and constructions:

All BULK-FLOW’s super sacks are constructed with a 5:1 SWL – designed to withstand five times the work load. The fabric is UV-treated, manufactured to ISO standards and A.I.B. (American Institute of Baking) audited for food grade environments. Quality assurance is monitored for adherence to specifications and quality.


  • Eliminates the cost of a pallet
  • Eliminates handling costs associated with pallet handling and sourcing
  • Increase of payload
  • Easy to insert top sleeves for forklift handling
  • Extra strong construction to withstand top handling


All dry flowable commodities
Woven PP

Other Bulk


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