Short Description

BULK-FLOW’s over-the-road trailer van liner can transform any 53′ or 48′ trailer van into a bulk truck, to allow the transportation of bulk products over long distances at a much lower cost than using specialized pneumatic bulk trucks.



BULK-FLOW Over-the-Road Trailer Van Liners can greatly reduce the road shipping costs of bulk products compared to bulk trucks. Ideal for high volume light bulk products.

BULK-FLOW Over-the-Road Trailer Van Liners can transform any trailer van into a pneumatic bulk truck.

BULK-FLOW Over-the-Road Trailer Van Liners provide with a clean, food grade, water resistant packaging for all dry, solid, and flowable commodities: chemicals, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, minerals, etc.

Detailed Description

BULK-FLOW Over-the-Road Trailer Van Liners are custom-made for any type of loading or unloading equipment.

BULK-FLOW Over-the-Road Trailer Van Liners have a proprietary design and components that allow them to be hung to the flat walls of a trailer van.

They can be customized for any type of loading method:

  • Pneumatics: Low, semi and dense phase conveying
  • Belt conveyors
  • Aero-conveyors
  • Gravity tilting / reverse gravity tilting

Also BULK-FLOW Over-the-Road Trailer Van Liners can be designed with special features to allow the loading and discharge of hard-to-flow agricultural commodities (starches, flours, etc):

  • Built-in fluidization system
  • Special fluidizing materials
  • Special high-grip materials
  • Corner air-bags
  • Pillow type air-bags

BULK-FLOW Over-the-Road Trailer Van Liners are available in any size: 20’, 30’ 40’, 45’, 48’, 53’ and any other custom size.

Materials & Construction:

BULK-FLOW Over-the-Road Trailer Van Liners can be made in woven HDPE double-laminated material, ranging from 125 gsm to 200 gsm, depending on the application.

Elastic cords and metal carabine hooks are part of the liner for fast and secure installation.



  • Custom
  • 53'
  • HDPE film
  • HDPE woven
  • Pneumatic lance
  • Belt conveyor
  • Reverse tilting
  • Forklift
  • Belt thrower
Unloading by Tilting
  • Receiving rotary air valve + positive pneumatic
  • Gravity dump
  • Suction lance + positive pressure
  • Receiving bin + take-away pneumatic pipe
  • Receiving bin + take-away belt/screw conveyor
Ideal for Shipping
  • Dry flowable bulk solid or packaged solid
  • Agriculture
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • Standard
  • High
Food Grade
  • No