Mobile Unloading Rotary Valve

The VSFC 320 Rotary Valve works for both granulated and powder bulk solids at 29 ltr/rev with a filing coefficient of 70 and an electric remote control on the pallet jack.

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Mobile unloading rotary valve for granulated and powder bulk solids; 29 liters per revolution with a filling coefficient of 70%. 

The system includes an electric remote control on pallet jack, with stainless steel accessories to connect to the container and an electrical control panel with a start, stop, and reverse.

Nickel-treated cast iron rotary valve

Stainless steel welded rotor AISI 304 with 10 rotary blades, C type 

Electric motor 1.1 kW 220/280 V

Chain transmission 

Electrical control panel: start, stop, and reverse

Maximum velocity of 42 RPM

Inlet pipe with air valve and cone-shaped container adapter with 250 mm of flexible hose

Steel profiles with silent blocks

Total weight: 400 kgs

Working air pressure: -0.5 bar + 2 bar

29 liters per revolution with a filling coefficient of 70% 

Electric remote control on pallet jack 

Ideal loading solution for all types of facilities 

Applicable for bulk unloading facilities shared with different transport modes 

Ideal for granulated and powder bulk solids 

Ideal for food-grade products 

Ideal for unloading facilities that need a small, flexible, bulk unloading system 

Fast, high-volume, bulk transfer system for facilities shared by different transport modes of bulk transport 

Low-velocity pneumatic loading protects container liners against ruptures during the transfer of materials

Pneumatic transfer reduces the amount of packaging involved in bulk solid transports 

Less energy needed in pneumatic unloading compared to FIBC handling

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