Short Description

Self-Discharging Units (SDUs) are tilting chassis semi-trailers that can autonomously tilt and discharge the bulk contents of a 20′, 30′ or 40′ container into the recipient’s silo.

It enables intermodal shipping of bulk commodities into regular containers instead of using costly dedicated bulk trucks that have an empty back-haul.


  • Container chassis semi-trailer,
  • Tipping hydraulic system,
  • Stabilizing system,
  • Diesel motor-compressor system and
  • Rotary valve system.


Detailed Description

BULK-FLOW’s Self-Discharging Trailer Units (SDUs)

Self-Discharging Trailer Units enable the intermodal shipping of bulk commodities into containers, without the limitations and the expensive empty back-hauls of bulk trucks.

It allows door-to-door logistics without transfers at the ports for those overseas shipments and discharge loads directly at a receiving silo. For internal shipments, regular shipping containers can be used; therefore, the back-haul does not need to be empty but, instead, any cargo can be accommodated for a lower cost freight.

BULK-FLOW has partnered with a world-class manufacturer of self-discharging tilting trailers to expand these logistics alternatives for bulk commodities shippers.

Self-discharging semi-trailers are self-contained tilting trailer units. The container is tilted by a lifting hydraulic platform mounted on the trailer itself and, therefore, is independent from the tractor truck.

The trailer is completely independent from the tractor truck for tilting and power purposes and it also has its own built-in discharging pneumatic equipment to blow the product from the container to the plant’s silo.


Tilting chassis semi-trailers are an alternative to bulk trucks, because they also have their own built-in pneumatic discharge equipment.


    • 20'
    • 30'
    • 40'
    • Any bulk commodity
    • 20'
    • 30'
    • 40'
    Unloading by Tilting
    • Yes
    Ideal for Shipping
    • Any bulk commodity
        Food Grade
        • No