Short Description

Mobile Discharge Units are tilting chassis semi-trailers that can tilt a marine shipping container.

Mobile Discharge Units deliver the container to the site, and tilt it to discharge the bulk content by gravity. On site, other existing mobile or stationary equipment receives and conveys such bulk contents to the silo through means typically consisting of a Rotary Valve + Blower. A cooler is a good add-on to preserve the integrity of the product.


  • Container Chassis Semi-Trailer
  • Tipping hydraulic system
  • Stabilizing system


Detailed Description

Mobile Discharge Units are an inexpensive solution to tilt containers loaded with bulk commodities.

They enable the receiving plants to import containerized bulk commodities from overseas producers, door to door, without the cost of trans-loading into a bulk truck at the port.

Only a rotary valve + a pneumatic conveying system is required on-site to complete the transfer from the tilted container to the silo.

Some sites may use their already existing rotary valves and pneumatic systems used for their rail hopper car deliveries.

If the on-site receiving equipment is not available, low investment portable rotary valves and pneumatic systems are widely available in the market. The ROI is very quick compared to the cost over time of using the services of bulk trucks, especially for imports that have required a previous transload.


  • Fully self-contained tilting chassis
  • 20'
  • 30'
  • 40'
  • Any bulk commodity
  • 20'
  • 30'
  • 40'
Unloading by Tilting
  • Yes
Ideal for Shipping
  • Any bulk commodity
    • Not applicable
    Food Grade
    • No