Short Description

BULK-FLOW’s container liner-bag baler recycling machine is a baling press that can be fed continuously with container liner-bags and fully automatic.


  • Extremely compact baler. Flexible operation because ofmodular concept.
  • Very robust and durable for a long and trouble-free life.
  • Fully-automatic baling press.
  • Highly efficient operation due to low cost for tying material, storage, transport and disposal.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Improves hygiene conditions in warehouse and production.
  • Extremely safe operation.

Detailed Description

BULK-FLOW’s container liner-bag baler recycling machine is a hydraulic baling press with a compact construction that gives high throughput for large volume materials.

Forced intake of the materials to be compressed is done through a hydraulically-driven packer. Depending on the individual requirements, the baler can be fed manually or automatically.

The baler can be fitted with different automatic feeding devices: belt conveyor, air conveyor, lifting and tipping devices, etc. It can be universally integrated into nearly every production process.

Baling Process:

1. Pre-compression: The hydraulically-driven packer automatically moves the materials to the bale chamber into the direction of the compression arm.

2. Compression: After at least 5 packer strokes, the arm swings upward and moves the baling materials into the bale channel.

3. Baling: With the addition of more recycling material, the bale is formed and pushed into 4 open loops of tying wire as it continues being fed.

4. Tying: The bale is automatically tied with wire as it is being pushed out of the baling channel. The length of the bale can be pre-selected (from 800-1500mm) and, upon tying, delivered out of the baling machine.



    • All type of flexible packaging plastic material
      • Belt conveyor
      • Air conveyor
      • Other feeding systems
      Unloading by Tilting
        Ideal for Shipping
        • Recycled plastics
            Food Grade
            • No