Short Description

A 1100 x 1100 mm patented disposable plastic pallet, tested under the most rigorous conditions by internationally accredited independent packaging labs that is cost competitive or even less costly than wooden pallets. It, is rated for up to 3 metric tons dynamic load.


  • Rated for up to a 3 metric tons dynamic load.
  • Crush test achieved nearly 14 metric tons of pressure.
  • Testing conducted at a temperature of 47 Celsius over 27 days with a 3 metric tons load.
  • Very slim profile at only 58mm in height.
  • Light-weight: 4.8 Kg.
  • Nestable to allow up to 2000 empty pallets to be shipped in a 40′ container.
  • UV treated.
  • Injection molded with virgin HDPE resin or mix of virgin HDPE with quality recycled HDPE resin.


Detailed Description

The low-cost, high performance disposable plastic pallet was initially  designed to ship super-sacks. Now it has also evolved to carry other loads with the addition of a clip-on accessory that renders its surface flat for other type of cargo, such as smaller sacks or regular finished products.

The disposable plastic pallet has proven strength and it was thoroughly tested  for crush and heat performance.


  • Cost advantage compared to wooden pallets
  • Light weight increases payload in containers
  • Nestability offers enormous space savings compared to standard pallets
  • Recyclability allows end users resale value
  • Eliminates the need for fumigation
  • Eliminates wood as a source for contamination in food grade plants



  • For super-sacks
  • For finished products
  • 1100x1100 mm
  • 43.3"x43.3"
  • HDPE
  • Normal
Unloading by Tilting
  • Not applicable
Ideal for Shipping
  • All dry flowable commodities
    • Yes
    Food Grade
    • No