Short Description

BULK-FLOW’s cubic bulk bags with inner liners are primarily designed to increase payload when shipping in marine shipping containers by maintaining a cubic shape when filled. The cubic shape eliminates voids in between them inside of the container.For extra protection and cleanliness, some products require an inner liner, as well. The solution is to have a bulk bags with an inner liner and maintain its cubic shape using a baffle inner liner inserted into the bulk bags. BULK-FLOW manufactures such baffle inner liners with specialized automated machinery to ensure their quality and dimensional accuracy for a perfect fit.

Through the use of proprietary software, BULK-FLOW provides its customers with payload optimization studies to determine the ideal dimensions for the bulk bags, given the product’s properties and the intended marine shipping container size.


  • BULK-FLOW’s Cubic bulk bags  with Inner Liners  provide the extra cleanliness and protection that some sensitive  products require.
  • BULK-FLOW’s Cubic bulk bags  with Inner Liners minimize bulging to maintain maximum cubic shape and reduce volume wasting voids inside when loaded in marine shipping containers.
  • BULK-FLOW’s Cubic bulk bags with Inner Liners improve the stability properties of the super-sack.
  • BULK-FLOW performs payload optimization by computerized analysis to determine the bulk bags’ ideal dimensions.


Detailed Description

BULK-FLOW’s Cubic Bulk Bags with Inner Baffle Liners focus on 2 critical packaging performance aspects:

1. Payload Optimization

Bulk bags with a cubic shape provide a better fit in marine shipping containers, compared to round shape bulk bags that produce space-losing voids in between the bulk bags when loaded into marine shipping containers.

The cubic shape is achieved through the use of inner baffled liners that restrain the sides of the super-sack to prevent an inefficient round form.

The Inner baffled liners are manufactured with an automatic machine to ensure quality consistency and performance.

The payload optimization increases usage of the available space in the marine shipping container and, therefore, reduces freight costs. Freight cost reduction is the single most substantial source of saving.

2. Stable Stackability

The cubic shape of the super-sack is achieved through the use of internal Corner Woven Baffles that connect from one side to the other of the super-sack and restrain the natural tendency of the sides to become round.

Not only does the cubic shape make for a better transporting fit into a marine shipping container, but it also enhances the stability of the bulk bags when stacked. The square footprint provides a more stable base to stack the bulk bags.

Cube bulk bags are low-cost and their benefits compensate, by far, the extra cost of adding internal Corner Woven Baffles.

All of BULK-FLOW’s bulk bags are constructed with a 5:1 SWL – designed to withstand five times the work load. The fabric is UV treated, manufactured to ISO standards and A.I.B. (American Institute of Baking) audited for food grade environments.  Quality assurance is monitored for adherence to specifications and quality.



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