Containment Liners

BULK FLOW’s Containment Liners are especially designed to transport scrap materials and other contaminant or staining cargo in marine shipping containers. These liners prevent the heavy soiling of containers, thus allowing shippers to avoid penalty-cleaning fees.

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  • BULK-FLOW’s containment liners are the ideal solution to ship scrap metals, contaminant or other staining bulk cargo into marine shipping containers without facing penalties for cleaning fees from the shipping line.
  • BULK-FLOW’s containment liners are made of high density polyethylene and are highly resistant to the puncturing and abrasion of sharp objects such as scrap metals.
  • BULK-FLOW’s containment liners are impermeable to residual oils and fluids.
  • BULK-FLOW’s containment liners install in less than 10 minutes inside of the shipping container.


Without BULK-FLOW´s Containment Liner:

  • Wooden floors are permanently soiled with oils and fluids.
  • Shippers incur extensive cleanup fees.
  • Oil and other fluids may leak during transportation, leading to marine pollution.
  • Shippers incur higher insurance costs because of the risk of fluid leaks and contamination.

Benefits of BULK-FLOW´s Containment Liner:

  • The liner is impermeable to oils and other fluids, thus eliminating leaks.
  • Heavy-duty film material is resistant to abrasive, high-friction materials, such as metal shaving..
  • It features fast, easy installation.
  • It is recyclable.
  • There are no cleanup penalty fees from shipping lines.
  • It eliminates the risk of marine pollution due to leaks.
  • You can enjoy reduced shipping insurance fees.


20', 40', 40' HC
Dry flowable bulk solid or packaged solid
HDPE film

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