Short Description

BULK-FLOW’s belt thrower also known as container loader or bulk thrower, help reduce the truck’s waiting times during loading operations of bulk materials into ISO containers!

The Container Loader is designed to satisfy the combined needs of the logistics and manufacturing sectors.

With a capacity of almost 200 tons per hour, the Container Loader succeeds in loading. For example, it loads 26 tons of sugar in only 8 minutes! It has demonstrated an extraordinary efficiency benefit and significant cost savings.

Some examples of materials that can be handled by the bulk thrower: plastic or wood pellets, sugar, coffee or cocoa beans, rice, salt, corn, soya beans, wheat, seeds, and animal feed.


● Supplied “READY TO GO”
● Well-proven equipment
● Rapid loading
● Quick connection to container
● Easy operation and cleaning
● Maximum pay-load per container
● Minimal manpower required
● Suitable for loading 20′, 30′ and 40′ containers
● Product contact materials in stainless steel
● Fully-integrated control panel
● 100% dust tight
● EU ATEX 20 version available

Detailed Description

Loading procedure:

1. The liner is hung in the container.
2. The Container Loader is fork lifted onto the container and the twist locks are set.
3. The container is moved into position below the bulk feed down pipe.
4. The bulk feed pipe is lowered into the unit inlet chute.
5. The Thrower is connected to the external electricity supply/earth and eventually to dedusting system.
6. The material entry sleeve on the liner is connected to the outlet.
7. The fan is started for 2 minutes to inflate the liner.
8. The unit is now ready to load and the motor started.
9. When the thrower is running at full speed, the product from the overhead storage is released into the unit, and thrown into the container. The operator can monitor the filling process through the venting/viewing sleeve.
10. When the required volume of product has been loaded into the container, the system is stopped and disengaged.


  • Universal
  • 20'
  • 40'
  • All non-powder free flowing commodities
  • 20' / 40' Marine containers
Unloading by Tilting
    Ideal for Shipping
          Food Grade
          • No