Belted Barless Moisture Barrier HDPE Film Liner

BULK FLOW’s Barless Container Liner represents the ultimate in safety and cost-effectiveness. This container liner provides all of the benefits of our standard woven HDPE liner while also eliminating the need for steel bars, thus offering a superior level of self-restraining strength for an incredibly low price.

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STRENGTH AND SAFETY – Unlike traditional film liners that are composed of mono-layer film, our liners are made of co-extruded film formulated to yield the highest strength and puncture resistance of any liner on the market. In fact, our humidity barrier film liners are able to stretch up to 880 percent before breaking. This impressive elongation capability provides a significant advantage over woven liners, which are able to stretch only 15 to 30 percent before breaking.

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION – BULK-FLOW’s humidity barrier film liners feature a seamless, tubular construction. The lack of seams eliminates the chances of product contamination with loose threads, as well as the possibility for leakage. Our liners are also composed of virgin resin materials for additional protection from contamination.

ULTIMATE PRODUCT PROTECTION – Our HDPE film liners proprietary formulation minimizes the transmission of water vapors in order to protect the liners contents from moisture damage. In fact, our HDPE film liners are six to eight times more impermeable than woven liners and three to four times more impermeable to humidity than other film liner designs.

BRACING SYSTEM – The Barless Liner is designed for transporting bulk solids without bars during transit. Prior to discharge, a steel bracing structure is fitted to the container for a risk free discharge operation.

  • Thick lamination
  • Circular, seamless construction
  • Contamination prevention
  • Disciplined quality control
  • Built-in redundancy safety system
  • Reduces costs by not using steel bar
  • Same load capacity as a standard liner
  • Guaranteed access to discharge port
20', 40', 40' HC, 53', Custom
Agriculture, Minerals

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