Short Description

BULK-FLOW’s mega-sack is the answer for large-amount bagging operations at a high speed and long-term outside protection.

It is ideal for shipping and storing frack sands, or moving any other mineral in breakbulk inside of the hulls of a bulk vessel.

Sizes can vary from 4 to 8 metric tons depending on the application and bulk density of the product.


Main features and benefits include:

  • 4 metric tons mega-sacks are ideally sized for optimal fitting into a gondola rail car.
  • Reduces packaging costs in terms of cost per metric ton.
  • Reduces handling costs by eliminating handling intensive, smaller bagging operations.
  • Increases productivity in terms of the ability to bag more product per hour.
  • Reduces warehousing costs by decreasing the amount of handling per metric ton.
  • Easy and economic way to store large amounts of product.
  • WATERPROOF with inner film liner.
  • Made with UV resistant fabric for long term outside storage.


Detailed Description

Regular super-sacks typically do not exceed a 2 metric tons payload and, for large quantities of product to be shipped at a high rate, super-sacks require intensive handling and high packaging cost due to its small format.

BULK-FLOW developed a mega-sack with a capacity ranging from 4-8 metric tons that speeds up the process of bagging high quantities in short times because its large format. It also has the unique benefit of serving as a long-term storage means anywhere, anytime with its fabric impervious to UV rays and its water-resistant inner liner.

BULK-FLOW’s mega-sacks are a perfect match for high volume products such as frack sands, soda ash, cement, and many other minerals.

BULK-FLOW’s mega-sacks can be customized to fit specific means of transportation such as:

  • Gondola railcars: it can fit 28 mega-sacks of 4 metric tons each, approximately
  • Flat beds: it can fit 4 mega-sacks of 6 metric tons each, approximately

Therefore, these mega-sacks enable alternative logistics to traditional rail-hopper cars that provide little flexibility or 1 metric ton super-sacks that provide excessive handling.

BULK-FLOW’s mega-sacks provide a lower packaging cost per metric ton compared to super-sacks.



  • 4-8MT
  • Custom
  • Woven PP
  • Custom
Unloading by Tilting
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          Food Grade
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