30′ Intra-European Container Liner

BULK FLOW’s 30ft Intermodal Container Liners are designed to solve the need to use adhesive tape on the floor, which can lead to installation challenges and result in expensive cleanup fees to remove adhesive residuals left on the container floor surface after liner usage.

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BULK-FLOW’s 30′ intermodal container liners solve the operational costs associated with adhesive removal from container floor surfaces and solves the associated damages on palletized cargo due to sticky floor surfaces that are the main cause of pallet damage during unloading.

Materials & Construction:

BULK-FLOW 30′ intermodal container liners are made in LDPE extruded film ranging from 100µ to 150µ gsm, depending on the application.

Elastic cords are part of the liner for fast and secure installation.

Elimination of clean-up fees – BULK-FLOW’s 30′ intermodal container liners allows the container owner operator to avoid the need to remove adhesive residuals left along the container floor surface.

Product protection – BULK-FLOW’s 30’ liners provide clean, moisture and weather-resistant protection for bulk commodities and finished products.

Easy installation – BULK-FLOW’s 30′ intermodal container liners install quickly and easily into 30’ containers without the need to remove the adhesive backing in place on competitive products.


Standard, Custom
30', 40' HC
Dry flowable bulk solid or packaged solid
ALUPET, Composite
Agriculture, Chemicals, Minerals
Standard, High

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