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Bulk-Flow is a global company that produces and commercializes industrial packaging for bulk product transportation in containers. With production plants in the United States, Spain and China, Bulk-Flow offers innovative solutions, customized to the needs of different industries. It specializes in reducing transportation costs for clients by increasing load capacity and facilitating technical processes. Bulk-Flow has a large specialized team that provides assessment and training through all of the phases in a project. Our products are made under ISO 9000 and 9001 quality controls, and with minimal environmental impact.

BULK-FLOW Expands Operations in Europe

The high demand for container bags and big bags in Europe and BULK-FLOW’s desire to improve its service efficiency for clients in this continent led the company to expand operations in Barcelona, Spain. This plant’s strategic location in the European continent has allowed BULK-FLOW to quickly supply the needs of companies in different countries and has decreased product shipping costs for clients. This proximity has also allowed BULK-FLOW to get to know, first hand, the specific industry needs in this region and, based on that, offer assessment and solutions that satisfy product transportation needs. Read Full Article.

Liner with built-in fluidization system

There are many solids considered by their high angle of repose as Hard-to-Flow products. These can also be loaded in lined containers but require additional equipment to secure a total discharge and trans-loading into the end user’s silo or storage system.

Our patented design ensures a uniform fluidization to the entire surface, thus breaking the granular matter that has been compressed into a dense state during transit through the reduction of the air void.

We use compaction simulation to model matter relaxation with fluidization techniques to achieve full discharge.

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